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About Euphoria Imaging

Creating the ultimate illusions for the eyes to feast on! So that's my motto, sort of speak, a bit realistic of things I do as a professional photographer. I'm from Southern California, living near Disneyland, Los Angeles, and Long Beach; however, a good couple hours from San Diego. I love taking Creative Portraiture photographs that has narrative story behind each photograph or series that I often share, I also enjoy doing Special Events because it has a lot of energy being involved in, as well as, truly enjoy exploring the endless amounts of opportunities that is given to take some wonderful photos. I tend to think outside of the box, yet I tend to do simplicity photographs.

So this is me,

I guess you can say I enjoy having my Jewfro going on, with a good growing beard, and I tend to be one curious kitty :) anyhow, hope you guys and gals enjoy the page.. till now, stay tuned for future updates!